Crash Rubber Smash

Crash Rubber Smash

Game type: Hyper Casual

Crash Rubber Smash is an ultra funny hyper casual game that will challenge you to go the distance and dominate the leader boards. Contrary to all the other casual / high score games out there, you will not run, fly, swim or slide … but cause the most casualties and as much destruction as possible! You can unlock several cool and funny mag wheels through achievements that have their own custom rage mode effects! Some have a trailing fire, shotgun shells, money bills and even sausages!

Crash Rubber Smash has 4 seasons; Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, in a progressive difficulty . You will also avoid several obstacles on your run, such as pot holes and highway signs. There’s also a flying television to destroy to get an extra reward and special characters in each season that will unlock special achievements. Smash heads, destroy vehicles, fly over obstacles, go as far as you can to beat your high score and rise in the top leaderboard charts. And if you come back and play every day you’ll get an extra reward and daily gift.

Currently seeking publisher

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